Magical supplements for the modern woman...
Lucky for you our team is led by women who are obsessed with all things “wellness”.  Our innovative mixes are formulated to give you amazing results. In today’s world where a frantic and complicated pace is often the norm, we felt the need to return to simplicity. 
We have created these potions specially for you!
... and we'll let you in on our little secret...
The most important ingredient in every potion is... YOU
4 in 1 
Premium Beauty Mix
Ladybug Potions Hello Beauty is the result of a magical formula crafted with ingredients and vitamins proven to strengthen hair, skin and nails. 

The condition of your hair, nails and skin is often a reflection of your overall health. Nutritional deficiencies and diseases can manifest in brittle hair, weak nails and dull skin.

We’re here to support you with all that! We’ve been there before, and know how to help you.

Hello Beauty vitamins for women, provide complete nutritional and vitamin support with the powerful ingredients of premium biotin (5000 mcg), hydrolyzed collagen, hydrolyzed keratin and bamboo stem extract along with all essential vitamins to address nutritional deficiencies that can be the cause of hair loss. 

In a nutshell, Hello Beauty will help deliver:
  • These supplements for women work for all hair, skin and nail types. 
  •  Glowing Skin
  •  Radiant Hair
  •  Strong Nails
  •  Improved Cognitive Function
  •  Increased Bone Strength
  •  Boost Energy
  • Look beautiful on the outside, feel beautiful on the inside!
3 in 1 
Premium Gut Health Mix
Feel your best inside and out!

Ladybug Potions Literally... Feel Great is the perfect combination of premium apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper & turmeric.  A powerful 3-in-1 mix crafted to help your overall wellbeing. 

A diet of processed and fast food increases your calorie intake contributing to excess weight or fat. In addition, regular consumption of the preservatives and additives in these foods causes an imbalance in your digestive system, resulting in stomach discomforts.

Literally... Feel Great can help you find bloating relief from inflammation, indigestion, and also boosts your metabolism and restores overall gut health.

Together, these natural plant-based ingredients gradually remove the buildup of harmful toxins in your digestive system. The acetic acid in apple cider vinegar can assist in eliminating harmful bacteria. It can also help to deliver feelings of satiety and as a result, you eat less, and may even start losing weight.  Cayenne pepper capsules suppress appetite and speed up metabolism by increasing the body’s core temperature. Turmeric also contains properties that reduce appetite, and relieve intestinal gas, stomach bloating and ulcers.

The list of Ladybug Potions Literally Feel Great health benefits are:

✔ Better Immune Health
✔ Cleanse and Detox Support
✔ Boost Metabolism
✔ Appetite Suppressant
✔ Improve Digestive Health
✔ Increase Energy Levels.

Feel Great! Detox, cleanse, and achieve an overall improved health!

Ladybug Potions is dedicated to developing the most effective products that will enhance your physical health and allow your inner beauty to shine.
Laura and Cilia
Co-Founders at Ladybug Potions
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