As the creators of The Ladybug Lab, we are on a quest to help women discover true SELF-LOVE, indulge in SELF-CARE, and discover the power of SELF-ESTEEM

We understand these concepts can be difficult to achieve in today’s chaotic world as you become enslaved to your schedule and neglect your needs. Your time for self- reflection isn’t always available and maybe you simply do not know how to begin the process of self-improvement. We are here to help!

Our Self-Love Lab is comprised of workshops and events that explore the following topics and how they affect self-esteem: self-care, self-love, careers, motherhood, aging, exercise, nutrition, self-talk, and meditation. Attendees can expect to experience and learn about different modalities such as chakra healing, aura cleansing, essential oils, phototherapy, chroma therapy, eco therapy, neurolinguistic programming, and many more! 

These are incorporated into the workshops as a means to compliment the Lab's study of self-love and enhance the experience for the audience.

Laura and Cilia
Co-Founders at Ladybug Potions
Get in touch with us and tell us your story!  We want to help women feel great and fell the power of self - love!
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